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 “Design a prototype for an app that connects people in the sports sector”

Analyzing the market

The first step was research into finding out what kind of apps already exist and where there was a niche that could be filled since “sports” is a very saturated market. I found that fisherman (or “anglers” as they call themselves) are a very under-represented demographic in the world of sports whereas for nearly every other group there were already plenty of apps. As this was a UX-oriented project I decided that it would be a really good learning experience to design for a demographic that I wasn’t a part of.

Conducting user research

The second step was to figure out what they needed and if there was even interest, so a couple of surveys were posted on fishing forums across the web and I personally interviewed people who fished. It quickly became apparent that there were many anglers trying to find fishing buddies since their own close friends often wouldn’t want to go with them, yet there really wasn’t a solution for them. After proposing an app that helps them find these “buddies” many showed genuine interest. We had found a niche market.

User Testing

The following stage was a cycle of iterations followed by user testing to slowly tease out the best combination of functionalities, simplicity and design that we could. As this process went on the iterations became more and more complex, starting with sketches on paper and sticky notes and moving to prototyping tools like Balsamiq.

The result

The final deliverable was a high fidelity mock-up done in Photoshop and linked through Invision. As a final touch a Wordpress website was made to announce and display out prototype. This website was made using WordPress and can be seen here.


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