Education Through Animation

Why animation?

These videos here all contain animation to varying degrees. I firmly believe that animation is a great tool for education because of its flexibility in conveying metaphors. Much like film, it’s a medium that allows you to control color, sound, composition and story. All of which are potential channels for ingraining your message.

Additionally by taking an issue and framing it in the form of a story you can remove people from the equation and look at the issue objectively. This is why parables were so useful for spreading ideologies in the past.

Now, the advantage to animation over film however, is the ability to anthropomorphize; adding yet another layer of abstraction further separating the parties involved and the issue at hand. It may seem silly but it’s actually quite a powerful tool. It truly is amazing how much more reasonable and objective people can be when you are dissecting an idea embodied by something other than themselves. They are no longer directly tied to the idea and won’t feel as personally liable when said idea is challenged.

Healthy Healthy Hippos

“Create a prototype for something to teach the Canada food guide to kids”

This was a particularly fun project because “kids” is a demographic that is nice to work with. It is a demographic that loves the whimsical and so I could let my imagination fly. Healthy Healthy Hippos is a spin-off of the popular Hungry Hungry Hippos game. The kids we later showed this to loved it and wanted to play the game. 

What is Healthy Healthy Hippos?

This game follows the story of two unhealthy hippos who’s lives are on the line when a tiger attacks! Luckily, they are saved by a very fit hippo who has the power of the Canadian Food Guide on his side.

Healthy, Healthy Hippos is a 2 player game which strives to teach 1st graders about making healthy food choices through a competitive 1-v-1 game.

The game relies on the player’s capability to learn which food choice is best through the rehearsal of omitting unhealthy choices while reinforcing the recognition and selection of good foods through rapid paced key hitting.

The Characters

“Hippo Sensei” learned in the art of nutrition hippo sensei goes around enlightening his brethren on the virtues of a balanced meal.

“Tiger” a symbol for the possible threats of being unhealthy, a source of motivation and a metaphor for the mental and physical challenges which can be dampened by an increased knowledge of the Canadian Food Guide.

“Two Hippos” a symbol for the general public, good intentions but with a little nudge can greatly improve their health and life satisfaction.‍


The Healthy, Healthy, Hippo world located in one, not unlike our own. The only difference is that the animals can talk, fly, play video games and make healthy food choices based off of the guidelines of popular Canadian nutrition. The art style is playful and artistic – the main goal is to make the game look as fun and engaging as possible – especially in consideration of a younger audience.

All photography is mine, assets were created in illustrator and I added the paper texture to everything in photoshop to create unity between the vectors and the photos. The animation was done in After Effects and final compositing was done in Premiere Pro.


Pirates and CPU’s

A fun way to learn about the insides of a computer. This video like the one above is also meant for children who are just getting into computers and want to know how they work. This project included a poster (below) and a custom website who’s domain has since expired.


Net Neutrality

In light of all the issues regarding net neutrality I decided to do some research on the topic and this was how I shared my stance.

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