Asigra Internship

Asigra was my first “real world experience”

Asigra was the first UX job I’ve had that wasn’t just freelance work and I learned a lot in my time there. Unfortunately because of an NDA I can’t show any of the work that I did for them so the video above is a rough draft of a product reveal I made from scratch. Starting with making Photoshop to make high fidelity mock-ups and ending with After Effects to animate it.

During my time at Asigra I wore many hats and had a lot of responsibilities. I was hired for UX but when they found out I was good at animation they also had me do that as well which I was pretty happy about. My main projects included:

  • Conception of and user research for a new application that I later pitched to the Vice President and it was immediately put into development
  • Reorganization of the UI for their main application to increase usability as well as aesthetics
  • The creation of a heuristic analysis document that is being used to improve usability with their Network Operating Center
  • Responsiveness testing and mock-ups of the Asigra Management Console (a new web app designed to be able to control all of the Asigra products)
  • Product reveal videos

It was a lot of work and I was constantly working with people from different teams (managers, developers, designers and business analysts) but it was definitely an experience that has taught me a lot.


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    • After Effects
    • Creative problem solving
    • Data compilation
    • Design thinking
    • Illustrator
    • Iterative prototyping
    • Market research
    • Photoshop
    • Premier Pro
    • UX research
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