Christie Digital Design Award

I had the opportunity to compete for the Christie Digital projection mapping contest. I really enjoy animation as a hobby and it was a great way to flex my creative muscles.

My animation is inspired by the notion in the ancient Chinese culture of a vital force forming part of every living thing. The idea is that this life force permeates through everything and much like energy, it can be transferred or morphed but never destroyed. What this means is that everything and everyone is fundamentally connected. We all have the same value, came from the same energy and when we die, we will return to the universe. The beauty is that the Qi that was once within us lives on, just in a different form or vessel. It is cyclical and eternal, changing from different forms of energy to different forms of life.

I chose to structure my animation in the form of one of these cycles in that it ends where it originally started but there were smaller energy transfers within this cycle. The foreground and most literal transformation is that of a wolf that absorbs lightning, jumps off a cliff, transforms into a bird, turns into pure electricity and then explodes and dissipates. Opposites turning into each other succeeding each other (wolf and eagle, fire and ice etc) was meant to further the idea of this “stuff” we are all made of.

The background mostly depicts energy in forms we can recognize, (electricity, fire) but both matter and energy spill over into each other (snowflake, electric bird). The kaleidoscope effect near the end is supposed to symbolize the moment in which the transfer of energy is happening and is more chaotic and less structured. This is the point in which we reach into the unknown and the climax of this animation after which the balance is restored, and the stage is set for another cycle to begin.

The intended audience is really all of us and is meant as reminder that our planet and ourselves are a gift. A small cycle that is part of a much larger pattern. We all fundamentally have the same worth and are made of borrowed energy and matter that once belonged somewhere else.

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